Welcome to My House…

Last updated 13 Aug 10

… and please make yourself at home!

This site, laid out in "rooms" like a mansion, contains information on the classes I teach at Marion Senior High School (Geometry, Algebra, Functions & Data Analysis (AFDA), and Statistics), classes I have taught in the past such as Calculus, as well as the sports I coach (Softball), a "terrace" for posting resources for other math teachers, and my favorite recipes.

What's New?

Updated 13 Aug 10

Added the page for the new Algebra, Funtions & Data Analysis (AFDA) class I am teaching. Class materials will be added when available.

Updated lessons & course materials for AP Statistics. Congratulations to all my students who passed the AP Exam this past year!

Updated lessons, review materials and practice tests for Algebra I.

Renovated the Rec Room with a new layout and updated content.

Coming Soon

Updated 13 Aug 10

Lessons, review materials and practice tests for Algebra II.

I plan to add material for the other Mathematics courses taught at MSHS, as well as continually improving the courses and other resources I have already developed. Please email me with any questions or suggestions on improvements to the site or any of the material I have posted here. I hope that you find what you need; if not please feel free to contact me.